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How to Make Your Online Ads Relevant and Personal

In: Advertising

Advertising could really be much more than an evil. Online ads can be useful when they are relevant, which suggests contextualization and personalization.

Brand use contextual targeting to attract users and place them at the heart of their marketing – be it through display targeting, or promoting certain pieces of content or products on their website based on previous visits. The wider issue is – this is not something you set up once, tick the box and you are done.

Achieving that authentic personal touch should include the following considerations:

Make Your Online Ads Relevant and Personal

1. Combine Multiple Online Ads Data Sources

You might recall the BBC’s Sherlock; the depth of insight into Sherlock’s character is impressive. Similarly, online platforms, like Google’s targeting tools, allow you to combine various ‘clues’ about your audience.

Utilize data from analytics, CRM databases, and social networks to create a comprehensive understanding, key to accurate targeting.

2. Allow feedback, and learn from Online Ads

Consumer needs change; today’s market may not seek the same products tomorrow. Adapting your approach is crucial. Successful advertisers engage with customers, seeking feedback to tailor their online ads effectively.

3. Build an experience around your audience

Avoid the pitfall of blanket retargeting. Instead, develop separate, personalized strategies based on the preferences of your target audience. A nuanced approach ensures engagement without annoying potential customers.

4. ‘Offsite’ and ‘Onsite’ Integration

Creating a personalized website experience is vital, but it should align with your offsite acquisition strategy. If poorly targeted advertising accompanies your audience’s journey, even the best onsite experience might not compensate.

Recognize the impact of offsite content in guiding users to your website, as seen with the rise of ad-blocking software.

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